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movie_critics's Journal

The REAL Movie Critics
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This community is set up to help those of you who either want to know more about any particular movie OR if you moonlight as a movie critic. Any genres and any movie will be talked about. slicer_vince is the moderator. There are a few rules to be obeyed:

1. Only review on movies you have seen OR you have a slight interest in seeing.

2. No flame wars! I cannot express that enough.

3. Be creative with your posts.

4. Do not use this community to post advertisements or anything else not related to movie criticism.

5. It is not required, but leave a link to the IMDb site of the movie you review. If you do not know how to make a link, click on this link to LiveJournal FAQs to find out how to make one.

6. No Pornography Reviews! They WILL be deleted and you will be kicked off of the forum. If there are any NC-17 rated movies that you want to review, you run the risk of me possibly deleting the post if it is tasteless or vulgar.

7. Leave an overall rating after every critique. Here's how the rating system will work:

10=Highest (Great movie, A must-see)
5=Average (Can take it or Leave it)
1=Just Plain Bad (Seeing this movie can be hazardous to your health)

8. Each review given in this forum is property of the individual and cannot be re-posted in another community (LiveJournal or otherwise) without the individual's consent.

9. Be sure to write a review for one movie at a time. I know it sounds nit-picky, but it's so that the reviews can be archived in alphabetical order. It's mainly for those who are new to the community and want to see what it's all about.

Finally, HAVE FUN. This community is to get real life commentary about films that real people see.